Quality and Environmental Policies

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Satisfied customers are the most important goal of our Quality Policy. In order to realise this, we continuously define and improve the quality of our transport and logistics services. We define the quality of our forwarding services in an integrated quality and environmental management system. All of our forwarding services have already been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. The DIN EN ISO 14001 certification was added in 2008. Furthermore, LOXX's services comply with the Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) of the European Chemical Industry Council since 2003.

LOXX also recognised early on that the long-term positive development of our logistics company can only be accompanied by environmentally conscious thinking and action. The basic principle of our Environmental Policy is therefore to use natural resources carefully in all our activities and to reduce or even completely avoid harmful influences on the environment.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001




Quality Policy

We see it as our forwarding mission to offer and carry out optimal forwarding and logistics services that are tailored to our customers.

The basic principle of our Quality Policy is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We implement this principle by constantly improving the quality of our services. We define this on the basis of transparent and verifiable criteria, from which we derive our quality objectives.

In order to ensure the fulfilment of these quality objectives, all quality and safety-relevant activities, from management and purchasing to sales, the specialist departments and warehousing, right down to the transport company, are planned, controlled and monitored throughout. We monitor the implementation of the quality objectives at regular intervals, using the quantifiable criteria on which they are based.

With their qualifications, personal performance, commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, each of our employees contributes to achieving these quality objectives. Our employees play a constructive role in avoiding errors, identifying possible sources of error and eliminating them permanently. Thanks to suggestions from all employees, our QM system is constantly being improved. Our Quality Policy is an obligation for all of us, and it is regularly discussed and reviewed annually to ensure it is appropriate.

Environmental Policy

For us, pronounced environmentally and climate-conscious thinking and actions represent a self-evident obligation towards our fellow human beings, and they are also of great importance for LOXX for sustainable positive development. The principles of our Environmental Policy are constituted by the responsible use of natural resources and, where this is not possible, the reduction of harmful influences on the environment within the meaning of the Climate Protection Act.

Furthermore, we participate in solving regional environmental problems as far as we can. In order to implement our environmental guidelines, we follow the relevant legislation and set clear and verifiable environmental objectives on the basis of this and beyond. With respect to our Environmental Policy, we maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our customers, business partners and interested parties.

We regularly inform our employees about environmentally relevant objectives, measures and results and openly accept their suggestions for achieving the environmental objectives and improving the Environmental Policy. Thanks to everyone's suggestions, the environmental management system is constantly being improved. This is because each of our employees contributes to realising our environmental goals within the framework of their own responsibility and personal commitment. The implementation of the environmental objectives is regularly reviewed on the basis of clearly measurable environmentally relevant data, and we discuss and assess the appropriateness of the Environmental Policy on an annual basis.