Additional services

To accompany your shipment, we offer you some additional services to bring your goods to their destination as safely as possible.


Dangerous goods

The correct handling of hazardous substances is particularly important in the chemicals industry. Our experts are comprehensively trained in the transport of dangerous and hazardous goods and ensure compliance with all important guidelines, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, our services comply with SQAS (the Safety and Quality Assessment System), a standard of the European Chemical Industry Council.

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Temperature-controlled shipments

Temperature-sensitive goods require special protection during transport. We transport your goods safely to national and international destinations at constant temperatures in insulated vehicles. This ensures the quality of your goods at all times.

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Customs clearance

Professional goods transport across international borders also includes the competent handling of customs formalities. Our customs experts have years of experience in handling customs matters and are familiar with requirements, as well as the ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System) electronic customs procedure. Whether it's import or export – we'll be happy to advise you.

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Transport insurance

Safe on the road - we work with the utmost care to transport your goods safely to their destination. Should damage or loss nevertheless occur, you can avoid any costs incurred by taking out insurance cover. Find out more about our comprehensive insurance cover.

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Digital services

LOXX Datacenter

The LOXX Datacenter is a simple platform for quickly and easily recording your orders digitally. With just a few clicks, you can initiate the transport of your goods, track the status of your shipments at any time, manage all relevant shipment data paper-free and retrieve the IOD, and, following delivery, the POD. If a hard copy of the documents is required, this is not a problem either. In addition, you can provide your recipients with a tracking link for easy tracking.

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[Translate to Deutsch:] Packstückverfolgungssystem

Package tracking system

In our logistics centre, every movement of a package is documented by scanning. In the Gelsenkirchen logistics centre, the path of each package is also tracked precisely following GPS scanning using 60 cameras and 18 locating devices. This system is used to meticulously monitor goods that are prone to theft.