Customs clearance

Professional goods transport across international borders also includes the competent handling of customs formalities. Our customs experts have years of experience in handling customs matters and will support you with advice.


Customs services

Our in-house customs department handles customs formalities on a daily basis and is familiar with requirements, as well as the ATLAS (Automated Tariff and Local Customs Clearance System) electronic customs procedure. Optimise your supply chain and use our service from a single source – for your transport and customs clearance.

We offer the following services for the export and import of your goods:


  • Creation of accompanying export documents
  • T1/T2 dispatch note, as well as creation of T2L/T2LF documents
  • Creation of EUR1 & ATR documents
  • Submission to the Gelsenkirchen customs office
  • Establishment of bonded warehouses in the logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen
  • Carnet creation and carnet TIR (paper and electronic)


  • Import customs clearance from a single source via ATLAS
  • Submission to German customs authorities
  • Customs clearance of returns
  • T1/T2 creation
  • Carnet TIR detachment

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