Personnel developement at LOXX

Our employees apply THEIR expertise and THEIR skills for our joint success. WE support you in promoting, extending and maintaining your knowledge and your skills for a long time to come.

Advanced Training

Self-evidently continuous advanced training for our employees is part of our personnel policy. Every employee’s individual need for training is determined on a quarter-year basis. In addition to internal trainings, e.g. on security and work applications, our employees also have the possibility of taking part in external training measures, some of which take place on our premises.


Furthermore, with LOXX Talents and the LOXX Management Programme we are offering two projects with the aim of promoting our employees’ soft skills and leadership abilities in particular.
LOXX Talents addresses our employees in key positions and prepares them for future tasks in our company. The LOXX Management Programme provides executives with the opportunity to advance their personal development.

Trainings and workshops on the following topics are carried out within these projects, among others:

  • Presentation techniques
  • Communication techniques
  • Conflict management
  • Leadership behaviour
  • Team building

Especially with regard to team building, we don’t rely on theory alone, but offer practical training sessions featured during exciting events.