Rail freight transport

When it comes to longer routes, railway transport has considerable advantages to truck transport. In addition to the unbeatable price-performance-ratio, the higher weight utilisation that is possible for railway traffic is the biggest advantage. A container fits 26 tons of load and a waggon even fits 68 tons. Even more weight is possible for excess loads, however this needs to be assessed in the individual case.

Secure Transport

Furthermore, railway traffic distinguishes itself by means of its high level of security. For container shipments the containers are loaded door-on-door, which prevents break-ins. Waggon shipment is particularly suited for transporting sensitive goods, as the load is well secured by the partitions in the waggons.

The regular status reports, which our customers use to track their goods throughout the entire transport, also add a feeling of security.

Ideal for project business

By railway, larger volumes in one lot can be transported at the same time to guarantee that they arrive at their destination at the same time. This may also include goods that exceed the loading gauge or the usual weight restrictions.

Furthermore, customers have the possibility to purchase the containers and use them as storage space on their premises.

In the railway traffic segment LOXX is offering container transport as well as waggon transport. We have great competence in railway transport in the countries of Western Asia and Central Asia such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, but also to Russia and China.