A continuous and disruption-free digital information flow should, of course, form part of a comprehensive logistics service.

LOXX data centre

With the LOXX data centre, we offer our clients a tool to quickly and easily manage the flow of their goods. With just a few clicks the transport of goods is initiated; the order registration is easy and self-explanatory, even for ADR-cargo, the status of the consignments can be viewed at any time and on successful delivery you will automatically be informed by e-mail.  You can, of course, view all the relevant documents, such as load lists, PODs, shipment records, invoices, etc., at any time in the data centre.

NEw: Tracking-Link

Now simply send your recipient a tracking URL for easy shipment tracking.

Generate a tracking link in our data centre at the touch of a button and make it available to your recipients for easy shipment tracking. This gives your recipients insight into all stages of the transport - from the time the order started, to the time the shipment was unloaded and loaded, to the estimated time of delivery.

Tailored to your needs

You decide what YOUR personal LOXX data centre looks like. You can create as many users as you want, assign individual access rights, create your own address book with recipient addresses, and create as many order templates as you need. All databases can be exported and used individually.

Or contact your custumer consultant!

Document management system

We archive all documents relevant to the shipment electronically in our data management system. This allows all authorized employees at LOXX to easily view all the documents for an order, which makes the workflow better organized and orders can be processed even quicker.


Currently, we are converting our billing system to electronic invoicing. Because it is really not necessary for paper to be consumed and physically transported every day, when it is much more convenient to do it digitally. E-billing also brings advantages for our client:

  • You will receive the invoice directly at the relevant department, without relays over intermediary stations.
  • The approval, sorting and delivery of invoices in your company is no longer necessary, your employees can focus on more important tasks.
  • The electronic invoice can readily be passed on to other involved parties.
  • The e-invoice can be processed electronically and archived.
  • Important resources are spared as less paper, but also less fuel is used for transport.

Are you already a LOXX customer and would you like to switch to the e-billing? Just fill out thisform and let us know.

Package tracking system

In our logistics centres, all package movements are documented by scanning. In the Gelsenkirchen logistics centre, the route of each packaging unit is also tracked with GPS scanning using 60 cameras and 18 locating devices, and can be displayed at any time on the monitor. In this way, mix-ups can be detected quickly. Goods prone to theft are monitored in this manner.


All local transport trucks of our logistics company are equipped with on-line scanners and GPS transmitters for vehicle identification.