Germany and short-distance traffic region

For the distribution throughout Germany and the procurement of general cargo we offer a highest measure of flexibility. Thanks to our cooperations with the general cargo networks VTL and CTL, we work with about 250 partner companies and just as many delivery depots. In this way we always make sure that the trucks are optimally loaded to capacity and that we deliver to the most convenient depots all over Germany. Furthermore, we are also able to realise short compensation and overtravel times.

Our Germany-wide services:


Our cooperating partners

VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH is a general cargo cooperation consisting of approx. 125 medium-sized logistics companies. Since 2007 LOXX has been a member and shareholder of VTL and operator of the regional hub west within this network.

CTL Cargo Trans Logistik AG is a network of about 150 medium-sized freight forwarding companies that also offer logistics for niche solutions. LOXX and CTL have been cooperating since the middle of 2014.

Short-distance traffic region

10 million in (almost) one sweep – this is the great advantage of being located in the middle of the Ruhr Area: because from our logistics centre in Gelsenkirchen, we are able to reach approx. ten million people within a radius of 50 kilometres for transports to the Ruhr Area and beyond.

In the short-distance traffic region we apply the vehicles of permanent sub-contractors for general cargo delivery and pickup. Their drivers meet the requirements of our QM guidelines and undergo regular training. Each day about 60 vehicles are deployed that are attuned to our customers’ needs and meet the latest state of the art.

Further equipment features are: 

Depending on customer requirements we also apply swap body trucks and semi-trailers.