General Cargo Network

When it comes to transporting general cargo, it is not only about thoroughly organising the transport – intensive coordination and the electronic exchange of shipment data between all parties involved are of critical importance for a flawless procedure.

This is no problem for LOXX: We are glad to solve challenging tasks, which is why we have made general cargo transport our core competence.

We have developed an efficient general cargo network in Europe and we also operate a good digital network: we exchange shipment data with almost all of our partner companies and notify our customers of the shipment status via EDI. You can use our LOXX data centre to stay constantly up to date regarding the status of your shipment of goods, and in most cases it is also possible to print proofs of delivery (POD) as PDF files.

Partner networks

Our strengths in the area of general cargo also are the strengths of our local partners in Germany and the relevant countries. Our general cargo network comprises:

Thanks to its direct cooperation with international partner companies LOXX is able to quickly and independently react when there is potential for improvement in our distribution and procurement network.

In order to deliver the goods to their destination as fast as possible, we rely on different types of general cargo transport, such as round trips, truck-meets-truck traffic and so-called relay or navetta transportation in cooperation with our partner companies.