Customs Handling

Professional goods transport across international borders also includes the entire handling of customs paperwork. Our employees have gathered many years of experience in dealing with customs matters using the electronic customs system ATLAS (automated fee and local customs processing system) and, where applicable, in creating customs documents on paper.

We offer the following import and export formalities:

  • Consulting in customs and foreign trade issues
  • Participation in the ATLAS-/NCTS system
  • Export processing
  • Creation of customs documents: ABD EUR.1 and A.TR
  • Creation of transit documents
  • Carnet-TIR processing
  • Processing for free circulation
  • Approved recipient / approved sender
  • Dispatch note processing for import, export and for transit

If requested by our customers, we also establish a customs warehouse at the logistics site in Gelsenkirchen.

In particular for transports to Russia, expertise in the customs provisions is decisive for a flawless and timely delivery to the destination. In addition, our employees also acquired know-how in the customs processing for other non-EU countries and other countries, e.g. the so-called “stan” countries over many years, and accomplish all formalities connected with the transport in an experienced way.