Our intercultural Team for Transport and Logistics

The LOXX team is multicultural and colourful. About a quarter of our colleagues has international roots and brings a different mother tongue than German to the company, in addition to professional qualifications. Our employees speak over 20 different languages altogether. Our native speakers ensure the flawless communication on-site in particular with regard to the handling of international transport services.

Intercultural competence

In addition to their competence in languages, our native speakers also offer the cultural background that provides them with intercultural competences:

  • Knowledge of the local situation,
  • Understanding of the different cultures and mentalities.       

In this way many misunderstandings are avoided and, of course, nobody can easily lead on our employees in “their” countries. In turn, this ensures that the flow of goods does not come to a standstill.

All of us benefit from the cultural diversity of our team, as it enables each of us to achieve a high intercultural competence.

Every employee brings added value to the company

But with or without foreign roots: With their knowledge and individual skills, their performance and commitment, each of our employees contributes to our day-to-day improvement, which also implies that our logistics customers obtain high-quality services and can always rely on us. This is what we are thankful for!