LOXX – The logistics service provider

The foundation for today’s LOXX with headquarter in Gelsenkirchen in the Ruhr Area was laid in Essen in 1977. Thanks to the responsible persons’ feel for the changing markets and their ability to react in an innovative manner and to always be where the flows of commodities are, the company grew continuously and developed into the LOXX Group of today.

In the course of our corporate development, in addition to know-how in the areas of logistics and freight forwarding, our international team also offers more than 40 years of experience in transport in the Eastern European and Central Asian countries. Furthermore, we also have long-term experience in Western Europe, and we carry out outsourcing of entire logistics processes for our customers, accomplishing logistics services on a high level.

We live by the motto “Logistics connects Europe”: Because trade and transport are more than the mere exchanging of goods – they bring people and cultures together, encouraging them to get to know and deal with their similarities and differences.