Support in training

Melina Buckmann, 20 years old, is in her second year of training as a commercial clerk for forwarding and logistics services at LOXX. In an interview she talks about supportive colleagues and team spirit among the other trainees.

How does the training at LOXX work?

I am in my second year of training. At the moment, I'm mainly responsible for the personnel department and support the head office. We regularly pass through different departments during our training.  The training consists of a practical and school-based part. I am in the company three days a week and two days a week I am at vocational school. On one day after school I come to LOXX for two to three hours to work and do everything else that has come up during the day. On the other day, after vocational school, we get time off to look at the school's material again.

How is the training structured?

You change departments every three to six months. The first time you are introduced personally by the personnel department. Later, you go to the department yourself, introduce yourself briefly and announce that you will soon be a trainee in the department. When you are in the new department for the first day, you are always really excited. You are then very grateful to be here in an environment where everyone is really coming up to you. Most of the time, the first contact person can be found very quickly, who will then be at your side for the whole three or six months.

How are things at school?

Due to the Covid-19 situation we support each other in order not to miss any lessons. We have formed Whatsapp groups where we can answer each other's questions. If one person knows something, he helps the other so that we can give each other support.

What do you do during the break?

Most of the time we all from different years of education meet to eat together. So that nobody is alone here and spends his break alone at work, we usually meet in our common room.