Training, and then what?

Malte Gulitz (right in the picture together with Lars Plück, left, und Lars Martinez Witte, center) completed his training as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services at LOXX at the beginning of the year and was seamlessly taken on. In an interview, the 22-year-old reveals how he found the training and what his duties are now.

What did you like about the training?

"Definitely the variety. All trainees are rotated through all departments. For example, I was in Consolidates Freight, in the international departments, in Local Transport and other divisions at LOXX. You are viewed here as a fully fledged employee and handle lots of assignments right from the start. I have often heard from friends from vocational college that they felt like interns. The only thing missing was "making coffee". At LOXX, it's totally different."

What was particularly fun for you?

"I like the Air and Sea freight department the best. I have been working there since I got taken on. The department stands apart from all the others in that it combines tasks from different departments. In the beginning it was difficult to get used to the new terms and rules. But at some point, I got to grips with it, and since then I've really enjoyed the new tasks. My colleagues taught me a lot during my apprenticeship, and still do now, of course, and I feel very welcome."

If you would like to learn more about Malte's new activities and his best experiences during his training, you can find the whole interview in the eXXpresso 5/2020 here.