Logistics meets art

Freight forwarding and French poetry rarely coincide but they do in Gelsenkirchen. How the artist Margriet Krijtenburg brings the two together in her painting at the LOXX headquarters.

When you come into the entrance hall at the LOXX headquarters in Gelsenkirchen, it is almost impossible to pass the picture to the right of the door without noticing it. On the impressive canva stretch 2,178 colorful squares in acrylic. Each colour and arrangement within a box stands for a sign or a blank space. What is hidden behind it, few will recognize at first sight.

The painting "Rimbaud 1" by the Dutch artist Margriet Krijtenburg is based on letters of the French poet Jean Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891). In these reports, which he sent home, Rimbaud describes his plans and his journey to East Africa. He wants to transport goods with a caravan, but the promising sound at the beginning meets disillusionment, as the merchant makes hardly any profit.

Excerpts of text with a connection to logistics

Margriet Krijtenburg addresses Rimbaud's texts in the painting she made for LOXX. Her husband Richard Lange - co-partner of LOXX - is a passionate reader and book collector and compiled the text passages. The painting was created in the living room of the shared old farmhouse in Emsland.

You can read more about the painting and the artist in the eXXpresso 2020/05.