Corona crisis as a challenge

Alexander Brockt, LOXX CEO, explains in an interview how the Corona crisis has affected the company so far and what measures have been taken so far.
(Status: November 2020)

Mr Brockt, the logistics sector has also been living with the Corona pandemic for a good three quarters of a year. What was going through your mind at the time when Europe's borders were gradually closing?
I perceived the outbreak of the corona pandemic more as a process. But as the managing director of an export-oriented company, I soon realised that we had to react in a forwarding and entrepreneurial way, also in the interests of our employees.  

What measures has LOXX Speditionell taken so far to get through the crisis?

For us, the challenge was that some companies, such as in France, for example, have completely stopped working due to the spread of the coronavirus. We had to react and have relied on close coordination with our partners and were able to convince them that systemically important goods would continue to be transported
have to. Together with our good network, which has been tried and tested over many years, we were able to maintain all general cargo lines to and from Gelsenkirchen throughout Europe - something that other companies were unable to guarantee.  

How did you react within the company?

We responded to the pandemic early on and informed employees about various preventive measures as early as the end of February. We also suspended business trips by our field sales force and formed a working group to contain the virus. There, we sat together with employees from many areas of the company, at times several times a week - from building services to work safety, from human resources to the warehouse and

Sometimes we were confronted with quite trivial problems, such as how to get enough disinfectant during the peak of a pandemic. To protect our employees, we have thinned out the presence of our teams and in some cases switched to mobile working.

How has the order situation for LOXX developed since then?
The first quarter has gone well. However, with the start of the corona pandemic, our sales have fallen by around 15 to 20 percent. During this phase, we had also taken advantage of short-time working for several months.
In the meantime, we are now working our way back to a zero point at pre-corona times. In Germany, the situation was relatively stable, but in other countries
effects of the restrictions are more noticeable.

Is LOXX prepared for further developments in the pandemic?

At the beginning of the year, the pandemic hit us somewhat unprepared, but the current situation was already basically foreseeable for us in the summer. We continued to look into the issue in the summer and discussed further action in regular meetings. For example, we are well positioned for a broad mobile working environment and have anchored further measures.

How do you look forward to the coming months?

Further developments are difficult to predict, especially as we as a logistics company are dependent on international developments. But we are prepared for a lot and time will tell.

The interview was published in the current issue of eXXpresso. Click here to download it.