From truck driver to team leader

Francisco Palacios shows how to work your way up from behind the wheel of the truck to team leader. The former truck driver helped build up the Spanish business at LOXX and knows the pitfalls of the industry.

Francisco Palacios sat behind the wheel of the trucks for several years and toured the south of Europe: from France to Italy and Spain. In the meantime, he has become head of the dispositon team for south-west Europe and Benelux at LOXX, and his experience on the road still shapes him today. "I know exactly how long the traffic takes, which is sometimes very helpful when dealing with the drivers," he says. No one can give him excuses so fast.

Freight forwarder from the ground up

Francisco Palacios is a trained car mechanic and knows the freight forwarding business inside out. Born in Spain, he grew up in Karlsruhe and spent several years of working with just-in-time deliveries for the automotive industry, a newspaper ad led him to LOXX in Gelsenkirchen. He started his career in the company as a dispatcher for Austrian and Spanish traffic and helped to build up the Spanish business.

In the beginning, there were only two to three shipments a week to Barcelona. Now the service includes daily departures to Barcelona and Irún, as well as several times a week to Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia. After an initial 100 to 150 shipments per month, there are now 2,000 monthly shipments in general cargo. Consignments are now also going out to the Portuguese cities of Porto and Lisboa on Tuesdays and Fridays. We also drive to nine cities in France almost daily.

Connection to Spain

For Francisco Palacios, as the child of a former "guest worker" from Spain, the connection to his old home is important. His parents now live again in the small village of his childhood in Extremadura, a region in western Spain on the Portuguese border. In this way, he remains in close contact with his old home, both privately and professionally.

The detailed article is available for download in the eXXpresso 5/2020.