Digital solutions for customers

With Datacenter 2.0, LOXX offers a platform for customers to manage their flow of goods quickly and digitally. Daniel Brunner, Customer Consulting Europe, reports in an interview what the advantages and innovations are for customers, such as the new tracking link.

What importance do digital processes have for customer consulting?

Digital processes are increasingly important for our customers because they give them more room for the actual tasks. I'm thinking of order data entry, for example. Entering this manually simply costs a lot of time that can be used more sensibly. Overall, digital solutions like the LOXX Datacenter free up more capacity to deal with individual inquiries and find suitable solutions.

What does the LOXX Datacenter offer?

Actually, exactly what the customer expects: easy operation, a track & trace module for shipment tracking, a module for price inquiries, and modern intuitive operation. During the development of Datacenter 2.0, we closely incorporated the requirements and feedback from our customers so that we could further develop the platform appropriately. We also have an update to the Datacenter: Customers can now copy a tracking link from the platform and make it available to recipients - just like parcel services currently do.

Who is the platform suitable for?

Generally for every customer, regardless of whether they only send a single shipment a week or have multiple national/international locations with several daily shipments. Even corporations with decentralized warehouses and sales offices use the data center because an EDI connection would be more cumbersome. And more specifically, it is of interest to sales staff who only want to create price inquiries, as well as operational staff in logistics.

Where can interested parties get information?

Our customer service employees have a broad knowledge base that can answer initial questions directly over the phone. In addition, we have created a FAQ sheet as well as brief instructions that clarify questions during operation. In our experience, the platform is very intuitive to use, and the interactive notes on incorrect entries during data entry guide the user through the program very well.

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