Correct handling of dangerous goods

Transport dangerous goods? This is also part of the LOXX service. To ensure that this is done safely, our trainees are already learning how to handle dangerous goods, for example for the chemical industry.

In the ADR training Wiebke Wetjen, LOXX's environmental management and dangerous goods manager, explains the regulations and the correct transport of goods.

Above all, trainees should know what to do in an emergency and how best to protect themselves. Not only industrial trainees learn how to behave correctly, but also commercial trainess. For them, it is just as important to know how dangerous goods are correctly labelled and which ADR class contains which dangerous substance. At LOXX, for example, various cleaning agents, such as acids, are most frequently transported and belong to hazard class 8 because they are corrosive.

During the training the participants discuss case studies and at the end they can put their knowledge directly to the test in a quiz.

Further insights into our security measures can be found in the eXXpresso 5/2020 for download.