Corona: Current information about traffic

The European Commission regularly publishes restrictions on transport in the Member States. You can find the list here.

Only shipments can be delivered that are guaranteed to be received.

  • Please make sure that you and we have received appropriate assurances from your recipients.
  • Please ask for the telephone number of the recipient.
  • Delivery receipts are sometimes no longer signed for hygiene reasons.

Overview Europa

The table below gives an overview of the economic sectors and establishments which, according to official information, are open or closed.

General information on the situation int the countries can be found on the website of the Federal Foreign Office.
In addition, you will find corona-related particularities in international freight and removal traffic in EU and EFTA states compiled by several federal associations in logistics.

CountryGeneral informationOpen according to official informationClosed according to official informationPartner Information

Federal Foreign Office: Belgium

Information from the Belgian Government

  •  stores under strict hygiene regulations
  • hotels
  • restaurants, cafés und bars
  • discos and clubs
  • sports facilities
  • vacation parks

Delivery times can no longer be guaranteed due to the current situation!
Fixed-time delivieries are now only possible in exceptional cases.


Federal Foreign Office: France

Information from the French Government

  • industrial companies
  • agriculture
  • construction industry
  • gastronomy businesses
  • museums
  • concert halls
  • gymnasiums
  • amusement parks
  • discos and similar venues
"non-food" consumer shops closed
--> shipments for these recipients should be blocked or it must be ensured that the recipient has opened/can accept the goods

Federal Foreign Office: Italy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Italy


Federal Foreign Office: Luxembourg

Information from the Luxembourg Government

  • hotels
  • retail and cultural events under strict exceptions
  • Restaurants, pubs, bars and cafés
  • Public services

Federal Foreign Office: Portugal

Information from the Portoguese Directorate for Health

  • shops for daily needs
  • cultural and all leisure and sports facilities
  • Civic offices and educational institutions
  • Commercial facilities and service providers that are not necessary for daily needs

Federal Foreign Office: Spain

Information from the Spanish Ministry of Health, the Spanish Government and the respective Autonomous Community

The respective regulations are based on ordinances of the Autonomous Communities (see link under General Information).
  • Discos and night bars
Each region makes its own decisions.
Urgent request: Before loading, make sure that the recipients will/can accept the goods.


Federal Foreign Office: Poland

Information from the Republic Poland

  • Art galleries as well as cinemas, theatres, concert halls and opera houses
  • hotels
  • cultural facilities
  • discos and clubs
  • fitness facilities
  • aquaparks

So far no restrictions an collections and deliveries.

Federal Foreign Office: Albania

Information from the German Embassy Tirana

  • museums, galleries and archaeological parks, religious and educational institutions are currently open
  • restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels and campsites have limited operations with hygiene requirements
  • night clubs and discos
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Federal Foreign Office: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is classified as risk area.

Cafés, cinemas, restaurants, bars, museums and similar establishments are open subject to the rules of distance. Public life is generally not restricted.


Federal Foreign Office: Bulgaria

Information from the Bulgarian COVID-19 information portal

  • Grocery shops, pharmacies, opticians, drugstores, pet shops, banks, insurance companies, payment and telecommunication service providers
  • shopping centres
  • cinemas, concerts, museums
  • sports and playgrounds
  • restaurants, discos, clubs and bars

Federal Foreign Office: Denmark

Information from the information portal of the Danish Authorities

  • supermarkets/grocery stores
  • pharmacies
  • Shops / Retail
  • Shopping centres
  • Fitness centres
  • Indoor cultural and leisure facilities

Federal Foreign Office: England

Information from the British Government

  • only essential shops
  • schools, universities and non-essential shops

Federal Foreign Office: Finland

Information from the Finish Government


Federal Foreign Office: Greece

Information from the Greece Government

supermarkets and shops necessary for the provision of basic services, such as
  • pharmacies
  • bakeries
  • butchers
  • weekly markets
  • petrol stations
  • kindergartens and primary schools
  • educational institutions

Federal Foreign Office: Ireland

Information from the Irish Government

  • Hotels, inns and guesthouses
  • Restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and bars, museums and other cultural and tourist attractions and much more.

Federal Foreign Office: Kosovo

Information from the Government of Kosovo


Federal Foreign Office: Croatia

Information from the Croatian Government


Federal Foreign Office: Montenegro

Information from the Montenegrin Government


Federal Foreign Office: Netherlands

Information from the Dutch Government

  • Shops for essentials such as food and shops that mainly sell food
  • drugstores, pharmacies, opticians
  • Repair and maintenance shops. (hardware stores can set up a pick-up point).
  • All facilities that are not absolutely necessary for daily life (exceptions see left)
Northern Ireland

Federal Foreign Office: Northern Ireland

Information of the Northern Ireland Government

  • supermarkets
  • shops
  • restaurants and pubs will be closed except for delivery service and out-of-home sales
  • non-essential shops
Nothern Macedonia

Federal Foreign Office: Northern Macedonia

Information from the Institute of Public Health in Northern Macedonia

  • shopping centres
  • restaurants
  • cafés
  • food shops
  • supermarkets
  • pharmacies
  • banks
  • petrol stations
  • Offices and authorities
  • discos and night clubs

Federal Foreign Office: Norway

Information from the Norwegian Health Authorities

Only valid for Oslo:
  • theatres
  • cinemas
  • swimming pools
  • gambling halls etc.

Federal Foreign Office: Austria

Information from the Austrian Ministry


Federal Foreign Office: Romania

Information from the Romanian Ministry of Health

  • clubs
  • discos
  • restaurants (interiors)
  • bars
ScotlandFederal Foreign Office: Scotland

Postcode Checker


Federal Foreign Office: Sweden

Information from the Swedish National Board of Health and the Swedish Civil Protection Agency

  • Public institutions such as libraries, bathing establishments and state museums
SwitzerlandFederal Foreign Office: Switzerland

Information from the Swiss Authorities
  • stores offering goods for daily need

  • Sports facilities
  • Cultural and leisure facilities

Federal Foreign Office: Serbia

Information from the Serbian Government


Federal Foreign Office: Slovakia

Information from the Slovakian Government

  • retail for daily needs: food, medicines, drugstore articles, pet food
  • shops that are not necessary for daily needs

Federal Foreign Office: Slovenia

Information from the Slovenian Government

  • accommodation facilities (such as hotels)
  • restaurants
  • cafés
Czech Republic

Federal Foreign Office: Czech Republic

Information from the Czech Ministry of Health

basic services:
  • food shops
  • pharmacies
  • drugstores
  • repairs
  • wholesale shops
  • restaurants
  • bars
  • night clubs
  • theatres
  • cinema
  • zoo
  • sports events cancelled
  • museums
  • castles
  • sights
The German government has added the Czech Republic to the list of countries with high covid risk. Since Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, all people traveling to Germany must be registered and have a negative test, including commuters and drivers. 
The situation is critical at the borders - there are traffic jams and long waiting times.
 For this reason, there are longer transit times in the consolidated cargo.


The Ukrainian government has decided on a nationwide partial lockdown between 8 and 24 January. The cities of Ternopil and Cherkassy do not want to join the lockdown.

Federal Foreign Office: Ukraine

  • cinemas and theatres
  • museums
  • Sports facilities
  • nightclubs and discos

Federal Foreign Office: Hungary

Information from the National Crisis Unit of Hungary: Hungarian and English

  • leisure facilities (e.g. swimming pools, skating rinks, cinemas, museums)

Federal Foreign Office: Wales

Information from the Government Wales

The whole of Wales is subject to the strict rules of Level 4: "Stay at home"



Due to the high number of corona cases in Mongolia, no trucks may enter the country until early 2021.

As an alternative, LOXX offers rail transport to Mongolia. If you have any questions about our rail transports, please send an e-mail to

Information of our partner:

"Due to Covid-19 Pandemic explosion in Mongolia, the government restricted nationwide movement. Strict restrictions applied in epicenters of pandemic.

According to the Government decision No. 178 of year 2020, overall businesses except essential services were closed or made to work from home.

The General Customs Agency reports that an isolation zone or special field has been set up at Altanbulag border checkpoint to receive freight and transfer the loads. The Altanbulag border checkpoint will receive freight and transfer the loads of products such as medicine and medicinal products, quickly spoil foods starting from January 18, 2021.

Therefore, customs of Mongolia announced that the following categories of shipments can be cleared and released.
•    Food
•    Medicine and medical equipment
•    TIR carnet trucks (arrived before 16 November)
•    Petrol
•    All kinds of export"

Further information

We constantly consult with our teams about the current situation. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask your contact person.