Checklist: Complete customs documentation for your UK shipments

Since 1 January 2022, a full customs declaration is mandatory when importing goods into the UK. We would like to support you in handling your customs formalities with comprehensive information and our in-house customs department.
Complete documentation is necessary to ensure that your shipments run quickly and smoothly. Here you will find a list of the required information as well as a customs authorisation for download:

We need:
  • EORI number, adress details, value of goods etc.
  • Further information:
    • Does a deferment account exist?
    • Origin of the goods/preferential proof
    • 11-digit UK customs tariff number
  • Franking DAP
  • Simarco must be named as the customs agent and the consignee's customs authority must be available
  • Please also refer to Simarco's instructions and guidance in the UK Consignee Letter

For a smooth and fast customs clearance, we rely on good cooperation and clear communication.

If you have any questions, please contact your customer advisor at LOXX.

Thank you for your cooperation!