Today’s setup of the LOXX Group is due to the work of many qualified employees. However, since the 1990s the shareholder families Brockt, Lange and Weber, who own the company in equal parts, have been determining the direction for their development.

Each of the shareholder families is represented by a selected representative at the shareholders’ meeting. Currently these are Alexander Brockt, Günter Weber and Richard Lange. Alexander Brockt and Günter Weber act as managing directors within the company and Richard Lange has been working as an accountant for LOXX since 1978.

The company is to remain family-owned in the future, too. The shareholders see it as their lives’ work – which they handle with care. Furthermore, all shareholders are aware of their responsibility towards their employees and their families.

Alexander Brockt

„LOXX is colourful, LOXX is multicultural. As ever so often, it’s all about the people: I’m thrilled about our motivated and efficient team and the LOXX team spirit itself. Along these lines, I am impressed about the entire company’s capability to develop; their joy of starting something new and constantly improving existing Services."

Managing director of LOXX Holding GmbH, LOXX Logistics GmbH and LOXX Pan Europa GmbH

Born in 1962, freight forwarding manager, married, three children, enjoys good food (and to cook it himself), jogging and rowing.

Günter Weber

“40 years ago we were much smaller. Back then I had to do several people’s work all at once. I’m glad that we were always able to find qualified employees for LOXX who I can rely on, who are surely specialists in their field and complete their tasks much better than I could.”

Managing director of LOXX Holding GmbH

Born in 1950, freight forwarding manager, married, three children enjoys classic cars and is very interested in classic cars and Russia.

Richard Lange

“When it comes to my work it is important to me to get things moving and shape them myself. This is why I became self-employed as an accountant, and this is why I started at LOXX. I’m happy that together with the other shareholders we were able to make so many right decisions and build a successful company over the years. I hope I can contribute to shaping LOXX for many years to come.”

Accountant of LOXX since 1978
Born in 1944, accountant, grew up in Essen, married, three children, enjoys literature, culture and living in the countryside